Preparing for Hurricane Season: How Connect SWFL Can Help Secure Your Computer Data and Equipment

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As managed IT solutions providers in Southwest Florida, we understand the importance of being prepared for hurricane season. In 2022, Hurricane Ian served as a stark reminder that proper storm preparation is essential in protecting our homes, businesses, and computer equipment and data along with some important lessons that we all take the necessary steps to protect ourselves from potential threats this year. We understand how unpredictable storm season can be; we take securing your computer data seriously at Connect SWFL. Our mission is to help ensure your computers, electronic devices, backups and data will remain safe and secure through storm season and beyond.

In this article, we’ll discuss the methods of preparing your business for storm season and how Connect SWFL can provide peace-of-mind by securing your data, rain or shine.

Securing Your Computer and Server Data Files

Securing computer data and transferring through cloud technology. Exchange data with modern internet technology that is fast and secure Internal document backup on online databases.

How can I protect my data in the event of a storm?

In the event of a storm, it’s essential to have secure backups of your computer and server data. Here are some backup methods our team employs:

Server Image-Based backups 

Creates a copy of your entire system and then allows you to upload this to your backup storage location whether local or offsite. This type of backup allows you to preserve your server in an exact state and allows for faster recovery to production time in case of emergency.

Offsite Data backup 

A process that creates redundant copies of your files, which are then stored off-site in a secure, remote location and can be accessed even if the original files are destroyed.

Connect SWFL provides comprehensive computer and server data backup services to businesses throughout Southwest Florida. Our highly experienced team of IT professionals will work with you to develop an efficient and reliable system for backing up your data, ensuring that your files are safe and secure at all times.

We understand the need for peace-of-mind during hurricane season, and our team is here to help you protect your important data when you need it most.

Protecting Your Equipment

Close-up of adult male IT engineer switching on server at datacenter. Securing your computer data by securely shutting down devices.

How can I protect my computer equipment and hardware?

In the event of a potential storm threat making sure your hardware equipment is protected is another critical component of keeping your equipment and data safe.

Proper computer shutdown
It’s crucial to properly shut down computers instead of just unplugging them to help prevent data corruption. Just pressing the power button or unplugging can also lead to permanent hardware damage and decreased performance over time. An adequate battery backup will provide you with ample time to shut down your computer properly.

Proper server shutdown
Servers are equipped with special hardware configurations and it makes it essential that they are properly shutdown to avoid potential hardware damage, system crashes and/or data loss. Our IT professionals can assist you in properly shutting down your server equipment when needed. An adequate battery backup will provide you with ample time to shut down your server properly.

Emergency plan
Due to the ever-increasing volume of digital data, it has become more important than ever to implement an emergency plan to safeguard important information. Our team will work with you to develop a comprehensive plan that takes into account the unique needs of your business or organization.

Protection from water damage
To help protect your equipment from potential water damage, you can elevate your equipment and also seal them with plastic bags, or keep in watertight containers, to help eliminate moisture.

How can I protect my devices from power surge?

Plugging in the power cord on power socket. Securing your computer data by preventing power outages.

Whole Building Surge Protection
These devices are installed in a way that protects an entire building from electrical surges. A certified electrician would need to be consulted for this type of protection.

Power strips
Power strips are devices that allow multiple gadgets to be plugged into a single outlet. They’re a cost-effective way to protect the electronics in your home. Most power strips are equipped with surge protection that provides a safety barrier in case of an electrical surge such as lightning.

Battery Backups
These devices provide a backup power source for your desktop or servers and other network components. Most battery backup devices are designed to condition the power that flows into your devices ensuring that the electricity flowing is free from drops or spikes that could affect or damage your computers and servers.

How can Connect SWFL help?

In our modern, digitally-connected world, losing access to important files and information can have a devastating impact on individuals and businesses alike.

Fortunately, Connect SWFL provides a comprehensive range of tools and services to help protect your data and equipment and to help ensure that you’re able to recover quickly in the event of a hurricane or other disaster. Leave it to the professionals to help you take advantage of these resources to secure andprotect your biggest asset – your business.

Contact us today if you need assistance with any storm preparation so that you can rest easy knowing that your important data will remain safe even in the toughest conditions.

To learn more about Connect SWFL and what we can do for your business, call us at (239) 288-0029.

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