Is Your Business Prepared for Storm Season?

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Storm season is especially trying to businesses in the Southwest Florida region as we experience lightning, high winds and sometimes damaging flood waters. Making a checklist is a preliminary step to take to adequately prepare for a storm. Follow these helpful tips below on what to include on your checklist.

In the event of a Hurricane Evacuation notice:

  1. Prior to the start of hurricane season, determine the roles of each employee with regards to responsibilities in case of emergency.
  2. Develop a plan for communication.
  3. Turn off and unplug all computers, monitors and printer devices
  4. If you have servers managed by Connect SWFL, do not unplug before contacting us.
  5. Cover all monitors, keyboards, mouse, computers with plastic bags to help prevent any water damage
  6. Move any computer equipment from the floor 2-3 feet from ground level
  7. Make sure you have access to important documents critical to business operations and store them in waterproof containers.
  8. Maintain a list of designated contacts and documents accessible in an alternate location, accessible off-site.

Download our helpful storm preparation guide here: Connect SWFL Storm Preparation Guide

For more information about preparing your devices for a major storm, contact Connect SWFL at (239) 288-0029.

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