Why Should You Invest In A Battery Backup?

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While nature can be unpredictable, we do our very best to provide helpful tips and assign protective measures to the businesses we manage throughout Southwest Florida. There are many precautions that can be met to help save and protect valuable data and hardware from being destroyed or lost during a storm. Follow these helpful tips below on how you can properly install a battery backup.

  1. Always make sure computers and servers are plugged into an adequate battery backup.
  2. Battery backups usually have a “Surge Only” outlets and a “Battery Backup and Surge” outlets. Printers should never be plugged into the battery side.
  3. Periodically test your battery back-ups to make sure they have enough power for those unexpected electrical storm surges.
  4. Replace backup unit batteries according to manufacturer instructions.

For more information about preparing your devices for a major storm, contact Connect SWFL at (239) 288-0029.

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