Will Your Business Survive the Next Disaster?

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How Cloud Backups Can Help Save Your Business

Why is having a cloud backup so important? Because it’s your business! 

With the recent hurricane disaster, it is so important to make sure your most important belongings are secure, including digital. After the storm, we were able to save and recover our clients’ data. Without the protection of this data in the cloud, our clients would have lost more than their physical businesses. We are so grateful that we can assist in helping business return to (somewhat) normal after this horrific storm. Even two months later, our dedicated team here at Connect SWFL is still working hard to aid our business partners in recovery efforts in any way we can. Though hurricane season is almost over, it’s still critical to ensure you have a proper cloud backup system in place. With that in mind, please read on to learn more about the importance of backing up data to the cloud and more helpful tips to make sure your data is always protected.

Your data is the backbone of your business; customer information, financial documents, system data, and much more. While the standard is having paper copies and local digital copies on in-office devices, it’s crucial to always have an online cloud and offsite digital backup plan in case of emergency from any disaster. Businesses should be routinely backing up all of their data to ensure company success. 

Here’s how Connect SWFL employs a successful backup system: An automated backup system is regularly monitored by our IT techs to ensure your data is backed up on its designated time. The data is verified regularly to ensure it is recoverable. 

Our backup systems follow these best practices to safeguard your data:


A simple to use system that is quick and easy to use and access with a few steps to recover data in the event something goes wrong.


Ensuring your data has enough storage to occupy for your business needs. It’s better to have more and expand space as you grow.


Three copies of your data, the original, a local and an offsite copy.

Here are some additional tips to keep your important data secure:

  • Stronger passwords for login portals–use a mixture of letters, casing, numbers and symbols for the best protection.
  • Employ cyber security software, such as antivirus. You can also use this software on your other devices like phones and tablets.
  • Encrypting your backup data. You’ll want to be sure that you have all of your documents and private information safe and sound to prevent hackers from accessing your system.
  • Digitize paper documents. In the event of a fire, flooding or other disaster, you will have copies of your physical documents. Consider organizing them by year, category, customer, etc. for easier searching and access.
  • Don’t backup on CDs or DVDs as these media are fragile and can be easily lost and damaged.
  • We have the tools to help you backup locally and offsite. 

Connect SWFL can help manage and assure you have access and protection of your data. 


DATA MANAGEMENT: Backup & Secure

Why Data Backup is Important for Your Business

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